cafe bazaar

Cafe Bazaar

The Cafe Bazaar is an Android software store that was designed in February 2009 by Reza Mohammadi Kowaiji, Hesam Mir Mirzandi and a number of students at Sharif University. In the market cafe, over 130,000 Iranian Android applications produced by 21,000 developers provide up to 38 million users. In March 2014, the program has 17 million active installations and has 14 million active accounts. This figure reached 32 million installations in late 1995. The developers’ revenues from sales and promotions totaled 120 billion rials in 2014. The company’s value in 2014 is estimated at $ 20 million.

The latest version of the Android Bazaar app

As you know, the problem of accessing the Android market for dear Iranian people has always been a common problem and Google has been preventing the use of Iranian users to this massive program and gaming for various reasons and excuses. Today, it plans to introduce the latest version of the Bazaar app We have probably heard the name of it many times!

The Market Cafe app is actually an Iranian Android market that has raised the issue of limiting access to Google Play to a great extent, and always provides a selection of Android apps and games to its users. Also, using the new version of the program Features such as access to the latest games and apps, connect to an account at the market cafe, download with the option to continue downloading (Resume), buy Persian programs, update installed programs and more.

Android Bazaar Features:

  • Announces the latest version of the games and applications installed on your device
  • Provide Persian language programs and easy money purchases
  • Easy-to-buy apps through accelerated card
  • Daily and regular updates of new software
  • It has a user interface interface
  • View last updated date
  • Widget support

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